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The 121st Canton Fair -- QGM&ZENITH perfect ending
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April 15th-19th, the 121st Canton Fair opened in GuangZhou. Canton Fair has been the first promoting plat through 60 years’ Innovation and development. The major domestic companies gathered here, showing extraordinary talents.

 The same previous years, QGM set a stand both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor booth is 5.0A01-04, covering an area of 80. This stand is used for showing T10 automatic block making machine, ZENNITH 844SC fully automatic stationary multilayer machine(pallet free) and ZENITH 913 traveler block machine (pallet free). Indoor stand is 1.1L19, covering an area of 27. This stand is used for showing T9 automatic block making machine

The exhibition was last 5 days, customers in front of the booth were always flocked because of QGM’s high reputation in overseas and superior location. Especially for outdoor stand, the booth is still crowded during the peak period although it has been the three opening design. These overseas customers praised the concrete brick and concrete equipment. “It’s so amazing.” I did not expect China's brick enterprises can fully acquire the German enterprises. The strength of QGM let me believe Chinese manufacturing industry has been connected with the world. One of our customer from Australia evaluated QGM’s ZENITH 844SC fully automatic stationary multilayer machine. This customer is a professional mechanical engineer, working in a high-level brick company in Australia.


More gratifying, T10 designed by German senior technical engineer has won the praise of overseas customers. It attracted a large number of customers who placed orders on site. “I did not expect that I could find such a perfect machine. T10 not only installs the top vibration but also changes the bottom vibration into dynamic table and static table, which greatly improves the density of concrete product and saves energy. What’s more, this machine which is produced in China also adopts international components. Motor, limit switch even hydraulic pipe all adopt well know international brand. During the Canton Fair, QGM also provided special discounts. It makes me so enchanted. So we signed a purchase contract on site.” one customer explained the reason why he was willing to place an order from us to journalist.

There are so many customers who have the same ideas. QGM has acquired a lot of orders in this Canton Fair:

1.        One of construction companies from Ghana has purchased T10 simple production line with central system;

2.        Venetian customer purchased German ZENNITH 844 fully automatic stationary multilayer machine (pallet free);

3.        Our old customer from Saudi Arabia purchased 2 sets of ZENITH 913 traveler block machine (pallet free) again;

In those customers, some are our old customers whose domestic market demand is very strong, which need to expand production. Some are new entrants in this industry. After comparing with different domestic block making companies, they choose our machine.

We have won so many customers because of our high quality equipment and professional technology. Old customers’ recognition is the driving force to our advance. Strength achieves brilliance. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you. QGM’s quality, deserves to believe!

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