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QGM appeared in ITIF Asia 2017 Pakistan
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Pakistan has around 200 million population. With the USD46 billion investment of “One Belt, One Road”, it greatly lead a series of engineering and factories set up in Pakistan.

During March 14~16th, 2017, the annual 14th Asia international engineering exhibition was held in Karachi for 3 days as scheduled. As Pakistan's largest engineering exhibition, it was held by Pakistani oil and natural resources, water and electricity etc. government department. 

This exhibition has three exhibition halls for a total of 154 exhibitors. The presence of QGM & ZENITH attracted a lot of local paver factories & builders from Karachi and Hyderabad to consult. During the exhibition, we introduced visitors our latest equipment and technology advantage. Hope this exhibition can help our company develop Pakistan market, leaving a deep footprint on “One Belt, One Road”.
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