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High Quality Machine Deserves Good Reputation
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    Theses days, another of our T10 Block Machine for Kenya client had been well packed, is on the way to Mombasa Port.
    The buyer is a famous construction company in Kenya, who often contracts some government projects. According to client’s introduction, they used to buy blocks from Bamburi Cement Ltd because of its high quality. With the increasing demand for blocks on the new projects, the client decided to buy their own block machine & attended 2015 Spring Canton Fair. At that time, they are happy to learn that the block machines of Bamburi Cement Ltd are coming from QGM company. There are total 3 sets of QT10 machines, one in Mombasa & two in Nairobi, worked well since 2008. Also some other Kenya cement factories and construction companies are using QGM block macines. After hearing that, the client signed the contract with QGM on the stand immediately and even paid some cash commitment payment.
   T10 Automatic Block Machine is our European standard machine, which is designed by our Germany ZENITH company and manufactured by QGM in China. Not matter mechanical/electronic parts or hydraulic parts are the highest specification in China. The client mentioned that by using QGM machine, they don't need to do too much advertisement, because the good reputation of QGM block machine and high-quality block it produces had deeply rooted among people's mind, and even becomes a judgement standard for bock quality in local market.
    With excellent design & stable performance, T10 machine becomes one of our beste-seller in East Africa market, even all over the world.
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