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T10 Fully Automatic Production Line in Argentina
Release date: 2016-05-31    Views: 2480    News Editor: 
A few days ago, according to the feedback from after-sales staff, T10 fully automatic production line brought by Argentinean client has been installed and worked very well.
The client from Argentina has a good reputation locally and plans to invest city construction. In 2014  the client met us on the BAUMA FAIR . At the beginning, the client has no interest in Chinese block machine, however, after our sales manager explained the machine on the spot and multiple return visit, T10 fully automatic production line, designed in Germany and produce in China, draws client’s attentions.
T10 fully automatic production line is the product, which adopts the most-advanced German technology and excellent vibration system (consist of dynamic table &static table) , is equipped with high-efficiency hydraulic system and high-quality high-density product. Technically, the double vibration table system and frequency conversion control system of T10 production line are most advanced in China, the perfect combination between Siemens PLC and Siemens vibration motor, consistent performance on the discharging system and feeding system. Mechanically, no matter on the electronic parts or on the hydraulic parts, the levels of them ranks the top class in China.
  Professional and technical skills, top-class products, dedicated salesman, intimate after sale service, all these remove client’s misgiving, the client signed the contract with QGM  after confirming the proposal . 
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